Investigation Solvency

We carry out investigations solvency (key figures, financial ratios, analysis of the latest balance sheets even unpublished, shareholders, rating banking customers).

In this area, responsiveness and speed of action is crucial. You can get in a very short time a report on a future client, a partner or shareholder. It is also possible to know the history or the present situation of a partner.

This information is very useful in the context of customer-supplier relationships but also before any legal action or during trial for infringement, unfair competition …

With our watch, you are informed immediately in the event of termination payment, receivership, liquidation or procedural safeguard against your client or partner. You can then enter a priority in the proceedings and avoid exclusion or foreclosure for late reporting. We naturally offer our assistance in all your efforts in the context of these proceedings.

Our reports are legally used in court.
Surveys on individuals Click here.

Intervention in France in European Union. Other countries: contact us.

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